Emotional Reactiveness During Divorce

Emotional Reactiveness is defined as an uncontrollable reaction to a person, place, event or other stimuli. It can create defensiveness, decrease trust and most importantly, decrease understanding. When being emotionally reactive, it destroys the ability to effectively communicate. The person on the receiving end of emotional reactiveness only hears anger, not words. [Read more…]

Online Virtual Divorce Mediation: How It Works and Who It Benefits

Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation that provides couples the opportunity to settle the terms and conditions of their divorce more quickly, affordably, and peacefully. Couples also maintain greater control over the process, and they are able to customize the settlement agreement based on their unique needs, values, and goals. A recent offshoot of divorce mediation is virtual mediation – a process by which the sessions are conducted in a virtual setting rather than face-to-face. [Read more…]

Gray Divorce: Explaining Divorce to Grown Children

The term Gray Divorce refers to the parting of two adults that have been married for decades. Along with the parting are many years of memories. The Thanksgiving dinner where everyone ate together at a perfectly dressed table. The family weddings, with sweet memories of dancing, or perhaps you have a picture of you together on your child’s wedding day. Together, you both watched grandchildren, who were always thrilled to go to “Grandma and Grandpops” house. Now, together is not forever in your family. [Read more…]

5 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

As the New Year approaches, many couples are looking for a fresh start – apart from each other. The reality is that a large percentage of marriages do not work out, and the start of the New Year is often a clarifying moment for spouses in troubled marriages. If you and your spouse have tried to make things work and believe there is no other alternative than divorce, one route to strongly consider is divorce mediation. [Read more…]

Holiday Co-Parenting After Divorce: Thinking Outside the Box

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, and this is especially true for parents of divorce and their kids. If this is the first holiday season you are going into since your divorce, you may find that the parenting schedules you set up are not going to work as you originally planned. There are a lot of possible reasons for this. [Read more…]

Kids of Divorce, Holiday Parenting Schedules

It’s that time of year when  divorced parents have to either decide where the kids are spending the holidays or when they go to their Parenting Agreement to review the schedule that was prepared during their divorce.

When I’m sitting down with divorcing couples during divorce mediation, often times, parents struggle with how to split up the holidays with the kids. It causes not only much stress for them but also stress for the kids. [Read more…]

Trick or Treat: How to Navigate the Halloween Parenting Schedule for Divorced Parents

Years ago, when I first started my divorce mediation practice, I was blown away by how passionate many parents are about Halloween. I found that many couples had no issue whatsoever with alternating weeks or days, and alternating holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But when the conversation turned to Halloween, things got…scary. [Read more…]

Divorce Mediation: Why Does Divorce Tend to Run in Families?

As a divorce mediator, I deal with many couples whose parents have also been divorced. There is no doubt that divorce tends to run in families, but it is not entirely clear why this happens. For decades, most counselors and therapists in this arena have believed that it is due to adult children role-modeling the behaviors of their parents. [Read more…]

Divorce Mediation: How Long-Term Disability Insurance Protects Families during a Divorce

In the past, I have discussed the importance of having life insurance in a divorce settlement, particularly to protect spouses and children who depend heavily on support payments to stay financially solvent. This month, I want to touch on another type of policy that is closely related to life insurance: long-term disability. [Read more…]

New Jersey Supreme Court Sets New Standard for Child Relocation

In what has been called a “landmark” decision, the NJ Supreme Court has reversed nearly two decades of precedent by ruling that the relocation of children during divorce must be based on the best interests of the child. In a previous ruling from 2001, the court held that a custodial parent could move a child out of state as long as the move did not cause harm to the child.  [Read more…]