Prenuptial Mediation

The term “prenup” often brings a wince, and it shouldn’t. A prenuptial agreement should be viewed like any other kind of insurance: You hope never to use it, but it’s there just in case. Before taking vows, couples might have a variety of issues to sort out in the event of divorce: property division, disposition of retirement funds, pre-marital assets, inheritance and spousal support. And prenuptial agreements aren’t always about divorce: They might cover such marital concerns as whether both parents will work after children are born, and approaches to spending and saving.

Before saying “I do,” couples might find it difficult to discuss individual financial concerns, needs and expectations. Mediation can take the sting out of prenuptial negotiation. Couples discuss the terms together with the help of a neutral intermediary. The result is a favorable agreement for both sides without emotional scars that can damage a marriage before it begins. One more thing: Peace of mind. Once the prenuptial agreement is out of the way, you can get on with what is most important: your relationship.

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