Speaking of Roseann..

Roseann Vanella is an engaging, energetic public speaker who is a natural in front of an audience – whether it’s a group of 20 or 2,000. Because of her background in both corporate business and mediation, Roseann can speak on a wide range of topics. She addresses corporations about the value of alternate dispute resolution in the workplace. Roseann’s expertise is also valuable to school counselors and educators. She can steer them toward alternative resources for children and families who need extra support.

An expert on many family matters, Roseann speaks on the benefits of choosing mediation over litigation, and how mediation is always the best choice when children are involved. She is also an authority on elder-care mediation – particularly important in our aging society. Roseann is available to address individual groups, seminars, “lunch and learn” events and as a member of an expert panel.

If you’re interested in inviting Roseann to speak, please email info@advancedmediationsolutions.net with a brief description of your business or organization, and the date, location and attendance of the event (if known). Also please include any specific topics that are of interest to your group. You can also inquire about speaking engagements by calling 856-669-7172.