Advanced Mediation Solutions

Take control of your future

You’re at a turning point.

Life is changing – and not necessarily by choice. You’re going through a divorce or a family dispute that involves a loved one. Everything you once took for granted is now uncertain. Now you’re facing turmoil with family members, and the possibility of bulging legal fees and endless hours in court.

Good news: You can take control of this situation. And mediation is the answer.

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Using Mediation When You Decide to Separate

Some couples reach a point in their marriage where they are considering divorce, but they are not sure about taking such a permanent step. In the meantime, they decide to separate for a while. This can present challenges of its own, because many states (including New Jersey) do not have legal separation, which leaves many important issues in doubt. Mediation helps couples in this situation by putting a plan in place to address these issues while they are deciding their next step. Learn More…