I can truly say Roseann Vanella is an All-Star at Mediation. My wife and I were just divorced this year but we had too much at stake, two homes, pensions, salaries and other assets and we didn’t want to go to the lawyers. Upon a recommendation, we decided to give Roseann a try. She clicked with us right away!

We had periodic visits this summer and she handled everything efficiently, swiftly, and above all, amicably. Roseann is the consumate professional in her trade, perceptive, adaptive to different situations, compassionate, resourceful and also delightfully fun. She saved us the time, the money, the anxiety and torture of going through our lawyers. I would give Advanced Mediation and Roseann Vanella a recommendation to any friends, family, and anyone in need of divorce or mediation services all of the time – and have. —Mark Gerwald