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50/50 Parenting Time: Is This What’s Best for Children?

In recent years, there has been a definite shift toward parents wanting to have equal parenting time with their children after a divorce. In fact, many states have already adopted co-parenting as the default arrangement in child custody cases, putting the burden of...

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Mediation for Management Tensions in the Workplace

Tension in the workplace is inevitable. Individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life come together within organizations to work productively and move themselves and the organization toward greater successes. With so many different personalities, perspectives,...

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My New Year’s Resolution: I Want a Divorce! 

This time of year, a lot of people have New Year’s resolutions. Most of them have something to do with how they will improve their lives. Examples include “eat healthier”, “lose weight”, “start a business”, “pay off debt”, and “put away enough of a down payment to buy...

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Why Do Business Partnerships Fail?

Business partnerships are not unlike romantic relationships. In the beginning, there is nothing but excitement and optimism as they start their new venture together. Faults are overlooked, explained away, or otherwise ignored in an effort to focus on the larger goal...

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High Net Worth Does Not Have to Equal High Cost Divorce

Couples with significant and unique assets that want to get divorced often believe it will cost them a fortune to dissolve their marriage. This is certainly the impression most legal professionals would like you to have. After all, a high net worth divorce usually...

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