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Can Mediation Work for a High Net Worth Divorce?

A high net worth or high asset divorce is one in which couples have significant income and assets. Their annual income often runs into the mid to high six figures, and they typically have a net worth that as well into the seven figures or even higher. Those who are in...

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Using Mediation to Resolve Business Partnership Issues

Mediation is becoming widely used in a variety of settings, but it is still not as well-known for resolving partnership issues. With partnerships, the issues that arise are as varied as the individuals involved. Although business partnership issues deal with many of...

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Holiday Gift Giving Guidelines for Divorced Parents

Recently, a divorced parent asked me my opinion on how to go about giving holiday gifts to her children. This was her first holiday season since her divorce, and immediately I knew that she and her ex-spouse most likely did not utilize the divorce mediation process. ...

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Mediation for Long Distance Divorces

For spouses who are going through a divorce, mediation can help the couple reach a resolution much faster and more cost effectively than traditional litigation. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the spouses work out the terms and conditions of their divorce...

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Can Mediation be used for Post-Divorce Agreements?

After a divorce is finalized, life goes on and people adjust and move on. Circumstances will inevitably change, and challenges and unexpected difficulties will arise. Ex-spouses get remarried, jobs and income levels can change, a job or another circumstance may take...

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