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At Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS), we believe that it is always better to resolve disputes and negotiate agreements in a cooperative rather than combative setting.

Our mediation services provide an alternative to traditional litigation that is far less costly both financially and emotionally. Through mediation, parties are able to resolve their issues amicably and in a fraction of the time it usually takes to bring your matter to court.

Roseann Vanella

Professional Mediator

Roseann is one of the few professional mediators in New Jersey who does this full-time. Mediation is her singular focus, and she works tirelessly to stay up-to-date on divorce and family law issues, so she can offer her clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the maximum benefit of all parties involved. Roseann also handles each mediation session personally, working closely with clients to bring their cases to successful conclusions.

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Mediation for Long Distance Divorces

Mediation for Long Distance Divorces

For spouses who are going through a divorce, mediation can help the couple reach a resolution much faster and more cost effectively than traditional litigation. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the spouses work out the terms and conditions of their divorce...

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My lawyer recommended Advanced Mediation Solutions vs. the tradition lawyer services for my divorce. Roseann was fantastic. She is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, honest, unbiased, and well organized. She provided a calming environment, but she gets results; we were able to amicably complete the process in a couple of sessions. I highly recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions! Thank you, Roseann. —R.H. Read more

I would recommend Roseann and Advanced Mediation Solutions to anyone who is considering divorce mediation. Roseann is not only very knowledgeable about her practice area, but also has the perfect skill set to work through unusual or unexpected issues,making the process much smoother, avoiding unnecessary delays and bringing everyone involved on board through her kind, but very pragmatic approach. In the end, Roseann will help both parties part ways feeling that they have been listened to and treated fairly, with all questions and concerns answered and addressed. —Natalia W Read more


I highly recommend Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions. Roseann made tense situations less stressful with her warmth, compassion and professionalism. She proved to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful throughout the entire process. Going through a divorce is emotional, but Roseann made it very easy for us to work through all the details. —Jenn R Read more

Throughout an extremely difficult time, Roseann Vanella’s professionalism and knowledge were helpful beyond words. She was both flexible and understanding when situations were less than ideal and last minute changes needed to occur.  Roseann understands the importance of all parties being involved in life changing decisions and will work through challenging circumstances. —B.K. Read more

Mediation Services

Divorce mediation allows couples to resolve virtually any issue that may arise during a marriage dissolution.

High net worth couples are increasingly choosing divorce mediation to save money, protect their privacy, and dissolve their marriage in a more amicable way.

Partnership disputes are common in the business world. Some are minor, but others are more contentious and can lead to major conflicts. As neutral mediators, we are knowledgeable, patient, and able to empathize and understand the points of view of all parties involved.

For couples who are thinking about divorcing but are not totally sure, separation may be a good interim step.

Whatever your situation, we will treat you with dignity and respect and provide the same level of sensitivity and expertise as with all other cases.

Senior care issues are often complex, confusing, and difficult to resolve. In addition, there are typically several different parties involved in the process. It is sometimes important to solicit opinions from elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers, psychotherapists, and other elder-care experts.



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