Take control of your future

You’re at a turning point.

Life is changing – and not necessarily by choice. You’re going through a divorce or a family dispute that involves a loved one. Everything you once took for granted is now uncertain. Now you’re facing turmoil with family members, and the possibility of bulging legal fees and endless hours in court.

Good news: You can take control of this situation. And mediation is the answer.

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emotional divorce

The Emotional Process of Divorce

I’m divorced!  I know first hand the difficulties in finding the courage it takes to make the decision to divorce and how scary it was to actually begin the divorce process.  I’m also a Professional Divorce & Family Mediator.  When I started my practice , I made the conscious decision to speak with every caller directly rather than having my assistant be the “phone traffic controller”.   Because I know and understand how scary this life changing event can be, I want to be there for my clients from the very beginning of their decision to move forward. Learn More…