Take control of your future

You’re at a turning point.

Life is changing – and not necessarily by choice. You’re going through a divorce or a family dispute that involves a loved one. Everything you once took for granted is now uncertain. Now you’re facing turmoil with family members, and the possibility of bulging legal fees and endless hours in court.

Good news: You can take control of this situation. And mediation is the answer.

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The Right Divorce for Children

The Tale of a Happy Child of Divorce

As we are beginning the new year and the number of divorces that  come into my practice increase.  It may be because in the new year people tend to want a fresh start and have been contemplating divorce for quite some time or the stress of the holiday season stresses and already fragile marriage.  Whatever the reasons, I thought this would be a great time to remind all parents out there who are contemplating Learn More…